Textbooks and manuals for teaching Croatian

Apart from teaching daily classes, lectors of Croaticum actively participate in research dealing with teaching Croatian as a second language and thus improve this relatively young field of scientific research. One of the most important activities is taking part in the project Methodology and writing of textbooks and testing materials for Croatian as second and foreign language, headed by Professor Ivo Pranjković, PhD, and supported by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. So far the aims of this project have been fulfilled to a large extent. Hrvatski za početnike (Croatian for beginners), a textbook by Marica Čilaš Mikulić, Milvia Gulešić Machata, Dinka Pasini, and Sanda Lucija Udier, which was a result of long previous experience in teaching, was first published in 2006, together with a workbook and audio CD. Two years later, another textbook was published; Razgovarajte s nama! Hrvatski za više početnike (Talk to us! Croatian for elementary to intermediate students), authored by Marica Čilaš Mikulić, Milvija Gulešić Machata, and Sanda Lucija Udier. This textbook, also accompanied by a workbook and an audio CD, is aimed at A2 and B1 students, following CEFRL framework.
The last in line is Razgovarajte s nama! Udžbenik hrvatskog jezika za niži srednji stupanj (Talk to us! Croatian for intermediate to upper intermediate students), textbook, workbook, and CD published in 2011, aimed at B1 and B2 stuents, following the CEFRL framework. An important addition to this set is the Phonetic addition and audio textbook, prepared by Ivančica Banković-Mandić.
Apart from writing textbooks, since 2008 lectors of Croaticum have been preparing Hrvatski B1: Opisni okvir referentne razine B1(Croatian B1: Framework of reference for B1 level), which is a reference manual in accordance with CEFRL framework. Croatian B1 manual represents a great help for producing more homogenous, transparent, and better curricula for teaching Croatian as L2 at B1 level. It also serves as help for preparing tests for the referred level.
Currently, several new textbooks and manuals for teaching Croatian as second and foreign language are being prepared.N_udzb_B2 za internet

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