Student experiences

Croaticum students come from all over the world and they learn Croatian for different reasons.


Ahmad, dentistry student from Lebanon,, B1.1

I have had the most beautiful experience of my life at Croaticum. I have always thought that learning a new language is very difficult, but Croaticum’s teachers made learning Croatian easier with the use of different and fun methods. This has made it possible for me to successfully and easily study dentistry in Croatian.

Veronica, student of Croatian in Italy, B2.1

I learned much more than I expected at Croaticum – I began to speak much more naturally and I got to know Croatian culture, which I now love so much. I hope I will be able to come back because being at Croaticum and in Zagreb feels like being at home. That is why I am grateful for this experience and I will always have pleasant memories from Croaticum.

Amel, marketing expert from Algiers, B2.1

Thanks to Croaticum I was able to find a job in Zagreb and to communicate more easily with people. The teachers are great and the atmosphere is pleasant. I would recommend Croaticum’s Croatian language and culture courses to everyone. This is the best place for learning Croatian in Croatia.


Diana, Master of Nordic philology, communication sciences and media law from Bulgaria, B2.1

I made friends at Croaticum that I still hold dear. Teachers showed high professionalism and engagement in and outside the classroom. I would gladly repeat this experience!

Irene, ballet dancer, lawyer and translator from Venezuela, B1.2

For me, Croaticum was an amazing and enriching experience. Right after I had moved to Zagreb in 2012, I enrolled in the One-Semester Croatian Language and Culture Course. I was surprised to see how highly professional, knowledgeable and experienced the lectors were. I was also happy to be able to master all four language skills. I recognised the kindness and emotional intelligence of teachers, who successfully managed the existing cultural, social, linguistic and age differences among students in groups. I thought it was important to learn the language of my ancestors because I decided to move to Croatia with my family. Today I am a proud owner of a dance and fitness studio in Zagreb.

Marco, chef from France, B1.1

I came to Croatia from France more than five years ago and I have decided to stay here. I completed two semesters at Croaticum. Besides learning about language and culture, I made many friends and had a good time. The lectors are not only teachers, but also good mentors and friends! Thanks to Croaticum I met my wife with whom I now live in Zagreb. The Croatian language, which I still do not speak perfectly, was not a barrier, but a huge advantage in finding a job. Moreover, I do the job that I love the most. The beginnings were difficult, as always, but today I work as a chef in one of Zagreb’s restaurants.


Vitaly, doctor, manager and musician from Ukraine, B1.2

I attended the One-Semester Croatian Language and Culture Course in 2013. It was an unforgettable experience of learning a foreign language. It was very entertaining, with great methods and a good approach to students. I feel obliged to all the lectors and phoneticians for bringing culture closer to me, as well as for meeting new friends and experiencing new ideas. To me, Croaticum is a family which, once you find it, you can never lose it.

Nikola, Anglicist and TV host from Canada, C1

I am an English teacher by profession. I live in Zagreb and work at the Croatian Radiotelevision as head of the news programme in English on radio and television. I completed two semesters at Croaticum and found the course perfect. The material was presented in an interesting way, and the lectors were knowledgeable, motivating and energetic. The best part of Croaticum was the people that I met and who are still important to me.

Mamiko, piano student from Japan, B2.2

I learned Croatian for two and a half years at Croaticum. When I came to Zagreb, I enrolled in the Croaticum Croatian Language and Culture Summer School, where I came into contact with Croatian for the first time. I needed to learn Croatian because I wanted to study at the Music Academy, where I study with native speakers. Thanks to kind teachers and practical and creative language exercises, I passed all the exams at the Academy. I am now working on my graduation thesis in Croatian. I am very grateful to Croaticum lectors. If you want to learn Croatian, I recommend this course at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Edward, Croatian studies and film studies graduate from the UK, C1

I studied Croatian language and literature in London and then I earned my PhD in film studies researching identity development in Croatian films from 1980 to 2009. I now live in Zagreb with my Zagreb-born wife. I work for a French company. I travel quite often, both for business and pleasure, and Croatian is very useful when I am in the neighbouring countries as well. I truly enjoyed studying at Croaticum in Zagreb.

Abdoulie, student of sociology and English and professional athlete from Gambia, B1.1

I come from Gambia in West Africa. I learned Croatian at Croaticum in the academic year 2013/14 and completed level B1. I am now in the third year of studies at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. In my free time I work and coach softball. I take part in various running events throughout Croatia. The Croatian language course at Croaticum helped me a lot to learn the language and better understand Croatian and integrate better into the society.

Paula, ethnologist and pastry chef from Argentina, C1

I learned Croatian at Croaticum for three semesters. It was an interesting experience! I learned the language and culture and I met people from different parts of the world. The programme is fun and dynamic, lectures are held every day. I found speech exercises very useful. I have beautiful memories from excursions, field classes and other socialising events outside the classroom.


Fiorella, catering manager from Peru, B2.1

I came to Croatia from remote Peru, not knowing anything about Croatian. Teachers at Croaticum are so good that I can now understand Croatian and communicate with Croatians. What helped me the most is that at Croaticum we don’t only study grammar but also learn about life in Croatia.

Elif, student of Croatian from Bulgaria, B2.1

I study Croatian language and literature in Sofia. I am a third year student. I arrived in February 2018 for a month but I soon learned the true value of Croaticum’s course and extended my stay to a whole semester. The lector helped me relax in conversations and I became a more spontaneous speaker. I recommend Croaticum to everyone because by learning Croatian in Zagreb you can meet different people and their cultures.

Marina, marketing expert from Russia, C1

I have been living in Croatia since 2014. I have been learning Croatian at Croaticum since the first day of my stay in Croatia. I got to know my teachers well and am now completely accustomed to home assignments. I have met a lot of people from different countries and many of them have become my close friends. I am now completing the last semester of the course and knowing that it will all end soon makes me sad. Croaticum is the place where you begin loving Croatia!