Module “Croatian as a Second and Foreign Language”

This is an independent university module which leads to a diploma supplement. For students who do not complete the full module, e.g. students who attend the module only for one semester or attend only language courses, a certificate with list of courses completed, marks and ECTS credits earned will be issued.

The reasons for starting the module were motivated by the newly-emerged needs (increasing international cooperation, a booming number of foreign students at the University of Zagreb and an increasing number of foreigners who are eager to learn Croatian language and study Croatian culture) as well as by the tradition of teaching and researching Croatian as a second and foreign language at Croaticum – Centre for Croatian as a Second and Foreign Language.

This module supports international students’ mobility as well as teachers’ and professional staff mobility. For scholarship opportunities contact us at

Targeted users
[1] Croatian as a Second and Foreign Language module is aimed at foreign exchange students attending
undergraduate and graduate courses at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of
Zagreb. For them the module is free.

[2] Commercial users

  • foreign citizens who intend enrolling in a higher education institution in Croatia
  • foreign students who are studying on universities in Croatia and want to improve their language proficiency (knowledge of Croatian at B2 level according to CEFRL)
  • users without a full-time student status (lifelong learning students): Croatian diaspora, ethnic minorities in Croatia, asylum seekers, persons with subsidiary protection in Croatia, business people, foreign diplomats etc.


  • training participants in Croatian language and introducing them to Croatian society and culture
  • acquiring important competences in participants’ respective fields, such as translating into and from Croatian, teaching Croatian abroad, teaching foreign languages to native Croatian students in language centres, working in tourist agencies, foreign companies’ branch offices, diplomacy,
    institutions of the EU etc.

Enrolment requirements and admission procedure

  • age of majority (18) and a high-school education
  • entrance exam which tests the level of proficiency in Croatian language (those students who are absolute beginners in Croatian will not have to take the entrance exam)

Duration of the programme and ECTS credits

  • 2 consecutive semesters
  • minimal number of ECTS credits necessary to complete the full module and receive a diploma supplement is 60
  • students who earn less than 60 ECTS credits (e.g. students who complete only one semester or students who complete only obligatory language course but do not participate in any of optional courses) receive a certificate with list of courses completed, marks and ECTS credits earned


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