Croaticum’s Summer School of the Croatian Language and Culture

26/06/2018 – 13/7/2018

Every summer, for three weeks in June and July, Croaticum organizes the Summer School of Croatian Language and Culture.

Classes are organized according to CEFRL levels:

  1. Language Exercises 1 (CEFRL A2+)
  2. Language Exercises 2 (CEFRL B1)
  3. Language Exercises 3 (CEFRL B1+)
  4. Language Exercises 4 (CEFRL B2)
  5. Language Exercises 5 (CEFRL B2+)
  6. Language Exercises 6 (CEFRL C1)

The course includes 76 lessons. The study program for each level includes 4 lessons of language exercises per day and 2 lessons of phonetic (pronunciation) exercises per week, as well as 10 lessons on Croatian culture (movie workshops, visits to museums and theaters, sightseeing of Zagreb’s historical city center). Additional field trips can be organised, according to participants’ interest (the price is not included in the tuition fee).

Croaticum’s Summer School of the Croatian Language and Culture is held daily from Monday to Friday in the morning and early afternoon.

At the end of the Croaticum’s Summer School of the Croatian Language and Culture participants take the final exam and obtain a certificate. However, this certificate does not indicate full mastery of the level, as opposed to a certificate obtained after the semester course.

If completed successfully, the program is worth 4 ECTS points.

NOTICE: The minimum number of participants to form a group is 5. If less participants apply, the course can go ahead as 15 individual lessons and 10 lessons in Croatian culture.

Applications for Croaticum’s Summer School of the Croatian Language and Culture: here.

Absolute beginners start lessons on the first day, while participants with previous knowledge of Croatian take the placement test. Registration for the course is completed by signing an agreement in Croaticum’s office on the first day of the course.

The tuition fee, which covers all lessons (language exercises, speaking exercises, and lessons in Croatian culture) is 450 EUR. After registering, it is not possible to withdraw from the course or get the money back.

For further information, please contact