Instructions for students


Students apply for Croaticum by sending a completed application form over the Internet or by filling the application in room B-103 / B-104 which can be done on any working day from 10 to 12. Enrolment starts one month before the classes begin. A person who only applied for the course is not enrolled or registered.


Enrolment starts two weeks before the course, and lasts until the end of the first week of classes. In order to enroll the students need to fulfill administrative obligations (pay for the course and bring the required documents). Students who might have a scheduling conflict with classes are advised to register in a certain group first. If the group fits their schedule, they still have time to enroll by the end of the first week of classes. If a student has enrolled prior to registration, that is before the course started, he or she has to register as well. Information about the documents required for the enrolment depending on the student’s profile can be found here. After bringing the required documents, all the students paying for the course themselves must sign a contract. A student who for whatever reason decides to drop the course will not be refunded.


Registration is not the same as enrollment. It refers to selecting the level of the course, based on which the groups and the schedule are formed. The registration is done exclusively on the first day of the course, and it cannot be done earlier. Both students who are already enrolled and students who have not yet completed the enrolment can register. First-time students register using their passports, while students who have already attended Croaticum courses in the previous semester register using their index. A person who is registering for the first time, and has some knowledge of Croatian language, registers by taking an entrance exam (both written and oral).


Any student who wishes to get a pass card for Zagreb electric trams should ask the secretary for a ZET form. A filled out ZET form and one photograph can then be verified by the secretary, and students can take the verified form to ZET offices to obtain a pass card. The secretary can only verify the ZET form after the student has completed the enrollment. Only semester-course students are eligible for tram cards.


Croaticum classes follow the university’s academic calendar which varies each year. This means that Croaticum classes begin and end on the same days as other classes of the University of Zagreb. This also applies to non-working days (public holidays and the like). The exact dates should be checked each academic year on the Croaticum web page. The classes consist of language exercises, speaking exercises and lessons on Croatian culture, and are held each working day for three class periods, according to schedule that is made the first day of classes after the entrance exams.


Students are sorted into groups based on the registration or the written and oral entrance exams held on the first day of classes. The schedule cannot be made sooner since the number and course level of students varies each semester. If students have specific scheduling needs (for example if a student also has a job or other obligations at a specific time of day) they should say so during the entrance exam or registration. We will try to take those needs into consideration as best we can, but we cannot guarantee that everyone’s scheduling needs will be possible to meet. The language exercise schedule will be posted at 5 p.m. on the day of registration and entrance exams, on the doors of all Croaticum rooms (B-103 / B-104, A-114, A-115 and A-212) and on the Croaticum web page. The schedule will state the time and the room in which the classes will be held, as well as which lector will head each group. Students are expected to follow this schedule. The schedule for the oral exercises and extracurricular activities will be given to each group by their lector. If a student is unsure of their group level or wishes to change it, they should speak to their lector. Students can change their group only if their lector approves of the transfer.


Students have the obligation to attend classes and fulfill the coursework (homework and writing reports) assigned by their lector. Students unjustifiably absent for over 25% of the classes will not be allowed to take the final exam. If a student is absent for over 25% of the classes with a justified reason (for example a scheduling collision), their lector will assign additional coursework as compensation. Students who pass the exam (score over 60%) get a certificate. A student who does not pass the exam or is unsatisfied with his or her grade may re-take the exam at a later date.

Instructions for students are also available in PDF.